Economic and Social Status of the Elderly: A Comparative Study between Older Males and Females in Kerala


  • Dr. Resmi R. Nair
  • Nandu C.J. Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Govt. College for Women, Vazhuthacaud, Thiruvananthapuram


Ageing, MPCE, Living Arrangements, Work status, financial dependency etc.


Kerala is renowned for its elevated human development indicators, boasting a comparatively superior socio-economic landscape in comparison to numerous other states in India. The state has achieved notable advancements in enhancing the overall quality of life for its populace, particularly among older adults. Distinct socio-economic variations exist between elderly males and females in Kerala, shaped by factors such as cultural norms, educational access, workforce engagement, and healthcare availability. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that circumstances may have evolved, and there could have been alterations in the socio-economic conditions of older individuals in Kerala since then.