Online Communication System During Corona Crisis: A Case Study on Individual’s Communication Confidence level


  • Dr. Sapna Sugandha
  • Mr. Chandan Veer


Online learning, technology, interpersonal skills, online communications, Covid-19.


Educational institutions, such as schools, colleges & universities have been totally dependent on the traditional methods of learning i.e, chalk & board methods and face-to-face communication within a classroom. The sudden outbreak of Covid -19 pandemic has brought a transformation in classroom teaching. This situation created a challenge for the education system in India where the government, teachers, and students strived hard to fulfill their requirements. Many academic institutions brought a sudden change or made a paradigm shift in their pedagogical approach, i.e. from traditional learning to online teaching & learning. There were many positive changes that happened during this pandemic, the students and teachers tried to equip themselves with ICT-based learning and teaching mode. The students who were having a fear of public speaking gained the confidence to express their views and started raising questions. The initial hesitation has now changed to confidence while communicating through online mode. This paper tries to study the importance of online learning and analyze the confidence level of learners or speakers during online communication. This research is descriptive in nature. The data has been collected from students and academicians from various institutes through e-snowball sampling techniques (Google forms). 

Author Biography

Mr. Chandan Veer

Research Scholar, Dept. of Management Sciences,Mahatma Gandhi Central University, Motihari, Bihar, India