Political Terrorism - As a Tactics


  • Dr. Md. Selim Reza Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Syamaprasad College, Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Keywords: Strategy, Tactics, Hostage taking, Hijacking, Kidnapping, Attacks, Assassinations and Publicity Tactics.


One of the most pertinent aspects of modern ethico-political issues is terrorism and its socio-philosophical impacts. What triggers human beings to turn into terrorists and choose terrorism as the only means of communication with civil society is a much-debated area. The strategies and tactics that are used by terrorists are basically attempts to manipulate the ruling state machinery, with a view of materializing the demands of the terror groups. Also, there are other motives behind those tactics and strategies executed by terror groups. A detailed analysis of the psychodynamics of a hostage-taking operation is also made in this paper. When a person experiences a sudden, unexpected, and unpredictable violent onslaught he is said to be a victim of terrorism and undergoes several psychological repercussions. The terrorists often create hostage situations as a powerful tactic for creating presume on the state machinery. The psychological impact of a hostage situation on the captivated victims is multi-dimensional. An attempt has been made in this paper to make a detailed study of the psychological damage that is created by kidnappers or hijackers. Another aspect of terrorists is to publicize their terror attacks to create a tremendous panic-stricken impact on the general mass and state rulers. So they use seven different tactics for publicity as well – i) Propaganda by deed, ii) Supporting recruitment and campaigning, iii) Selection of optimal time and place of action, iv) Tactful use of statements issued, v) To keep up regular contact with journalists and entertaining interviews, vi) Claiming the responsibility of a violent terrorist act, and vii) Selection and use of specific symbols.  




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