The Nature and Mystery of Soul in Relation with Cosmic Energy


  • Mr. Raju Sitaram Nandkar Research Scholar, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India


This article is related to the nature and mystery of the soul in relation to the cosmic energy that existed in our vast and endless Universe. The soul in any living being is in the subtle form of energy. A soul is also a form of consciousness that emerged in living beings from birth and ended with death. In this article, there is a vast discussion on various views of Indian, Western Philosophers and various scholars on nature and the existence of the soul in the living being. The energy existing in the universe can be observed in a huge form as well as in microscopic forms also. The energy is found in biotic as well as non-biotic things of the universe. The soul is energy or consciousness, and then it must be related to cosmic energy. Cosmic energy is generated and exists not only from the sun but also from various elements. It also exists in the universe in the form of electromagnetic waves.  The soul is in the nature of consciousness or energy and it is formless. Nirguna means beyond the formless and invisible. In our body, the soul is very open and exists very shallowly. Soul is immobile. Soul can't be held. Soul is himself and is also gigantic. So, in this review article, we tried to correlate the energy or consciousness that living beings possess with the cosmic energy of the Universe.




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