“Health for All”: World Health Day Theme, 2023


  • Dr. Deepak B. Sharma Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Pramukhswami Medical College, Bhaikaka University, Karamsad, Gujarat, India


World Health Day, Theme, Health for all, Primary Health Care


On 7th April 2023, World Health Day was celebrated as the 75th birthday of the World Health Organization. Every year World Health Day theme is a very specifically chosen theme to commemorate achievements and to address some specific needs. World Health Day theme for 2023 is “Health for All”. The concept of “Health for All” (HFA) was founded during the Alma Ata conference in 1978 and how it is fairing after so many years when the current World Health Day theme was put as “Health for all” is important. This notion of “HFA by 2000” was given in 1978 i.e, by the year 2000, this state will be achieved pan-global. The role of different attributes in achieving “Health for all” is put forth for discussion. The progress towards achieving “HFA”, the pitfalls, thereby leading to learnings from circumstances is being focused. This is discussed for the global situation and more of this is being focused on at our national level. Health for All by 2000, is basically a conceptual framework derived from the Alma Ata conference deliberations and thenceforth the expected application (through available resources and otherwise) by different nations to achieve the concept in reality to achieve the Goal of “HFA by 2000”. This article covers the background, the current situation, and other contexts concerning health issues as an individual, community, or occupational group, and a nation as a whole. Economic disparities and socio-political decisions leading to poverty, malnourishment, and otherwise like prosperity, minimized out-of-pocket expenses are discussed and highlighted.




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