The Right to Liberty and Security of Persons Under Human Rights Law: Relevance of its Recognition in Respecting International Human Right Prescription in Cameroon


  • Dr. Nana Charles Nguindip Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law and Political Science, Department of English Law, University of Dschang, Dschang, Cameroon


Respecting human rights has been the initiative and responsibility of the State in guaranteeing the respect of the right of everyone. In it, in this juncture and lane, this article seeks to express the concept that the right to liberty and security of persons postulated in relevant human rights instruments has given tasks to the State of Cameroon in guaranteeing the right by thwarting their defilements which in return will posture a hostile effect on the important human rights of those living in the territory when issues of liberty and security are concerned. This article also signposts that the request for this right by Cameroon will go a long way in imitating the various legal mechanisms put in place by both international and national law. The State of Cameroon has initiated several efforts in ensuring that the human rights of all should be protected without any aspect of violations by the various law enforcement officers. Even though with all the putting into place of the various human rights instruments in protecting and ensuring a person’s security rights, the human rights situation and condition in the country continue to be precarious and devastating as most of those persons who are presumed of crime commission are experiencing horrible living conditions. With all these in place, it becomes worrisome and questionable as the position of the state of Cameroon when dealing with the human rights situation especially those related to the guarantee and security of persons. The rate of violations of this fundamental human right is increasing and alarming pushing lots of embarrassment as to the recognition and enforcement of human rights. It is therefore at this lane that the State of Cameroon has to engage its commitment to respect its responsibility when it comes to human rights protection and security of persons.