Role of The Supreme Court in Evolving the Law on Sexual Harassment at Work Place


  • Ms. Akhila S. Rajan Assistant Professor, NSS Law College, Kottiyam, Kerala, India


Academicians, Investigation, Pornography, Discriminatory, Disciplinary action, Complaints Committee


The Supreme Court’s ruling in Vishakha v. State of Rajasthan has assumed significance in the current Indian Legal literature on the subject.  The instant ruling may be rightly viewed as a milestone in this area. Appropriate work conditions should be provided in respect of work; leisure, health and hygiene to further ensure that there is no hostile environment towards women in work settings, and no woman worker should have any reason to fear that she is being treated unfairly because of her gender in the workplace. The attitudes can be changed well through education, like change in curriculum at the school level by organizing social awareness camps, by evolving and gearing up State machinery for combating sexual harassment in the workplace. In this article, various issues and aspects related to sexual harassment at the workplace and the mechanisms to combat this evil have been dealt with. It is true that sexual harassment is one of the most important evils that have to be eliminated from this society in order to envisage a better tomorrow.