The Movement for Khulna University: A Qualitative Exploration of its Historical Establishment


  • Md. Al-Amin
  • Ms.Nujhat Atia Arshi Student, History and Civilization Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh
  • Ms. Puja Biswas Research Scholar, History and Civilization Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh


Movement, development, university, procession, demand, education


Khulna University is one of the familiar leading public universities in Bangladesh in the field of research and education. But this university had a struggling established historical background. Despite being developed from many dimensions, there was no university in Khulna before 1991. So, the people of Khulna went for a movement to establish a university in Khulna. Although a recommendation for a university in the Khulna Division was brought in the first Education Commission Report of Bangladesh submitted in 1974, the issue was beyond implementation for a few years. So, Khulna became the centre city of the struggle for a University in South-West Bangla. Students of various institutions and people belonging to different professions marched to the town to establish a university. Consequently, the government was convinced to take steps for establishing a university for the greater Khulna region. Two committees were made for justifying the academic and location purposes for a new university in Khulna. The experiments of the committees and reports submitted paved the way for establishing Khulna University. The data of this study has been developed through qualitative research. The main objective of this assertion is to discover the nature of the movement behind this institution and its result.